2.F.18. Promote health

NARR Standard 3.0: 2.F.18. Promote health

SAMHSA’s recovery dimension of Health underscores the need to support individuals in making healthy choices for their well-being. This includes decisions beyond managing substance use disorders. A healthy environment that is smokefree and sanitary enhances feelings of security and promotes a home-like, comfortable setting, building personal recovery capital.31 — NARR Standard 3.0 Compendium

The standard is upheld by the following rules:

  • 2.F.18.a.  Policy regarding smoke‐free living environment and/or

    designated smoking area outside of the residence.

  • 2.F.18.b.  Policy regarding exposure to bodily fluids and contagious disease.


2.F.18.a. Smoking
2.F.18.b. Universal precautions

Course Syllabus

  • NARR 3.0 | 2.F.18. Promote health