2.E.14.c. Entrances and exits


Verification that entrances and exits are home‐like vs. institutional or clinical.






Applies to all recovery residences.


While this rule is intuitive, some may view this rule as subjective. For guidance, we turn to the social model recovery philosophy scale, which measures whether residents have the ability to freely enter and exit the home environment using their own key (or keypad code) as opposed to passing through institution-like security. Granted, there are examples of residential high rises and gated communities that employ security to make residents feel safer, but that is different from procedures meant to lock residents in or out of their home.

If a recovery residence has repurposed buildings designed for more institutional purposes, they must identify ways to make the entrance and exit accessible to residents. If they submit a reasonable accommodation to this rule, they must staff entrances in the same way high security residential buildings are staffed, ensuring residents do not feel imprisoned or locked out.


  • Can residents enter and leave the recovery residence using a key or keypad?


  • Policy and procedure, regarding residents’ access to their home through the use of keys or keypads.

  • Onsite confirmation that residents can enter and leave using a key or keypad.


Course Syllabus

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