1.D.11. Culturally responsive

NARR Standard 3.0: 1.D.11. Staff are culturally responsive and competent

Staff are able to understand, embody, and support recovery in line with the social model (staff role and authority base) due in part to their experiential knowledge about recovery. Residents are multifaceted individuals, and race, ethnicity, gender, attraction, history, identity, and other factors play an important role in their recovery experience. Quality recovery residences have policies and practices that are culturally competent, seek staff that are as reflective of the priority population as possible, and pursue training and competencies for culturally congruent recovery support. Such support will enhance human recovery capital. — NARR Standard 3.0 Compendium

The standard is upheld by the following rules:

  • 1.D.11.a.  Policies and procedures that serve the priority population, which at a minimum include persons in recovery from substance use but may also include other demographic criteria.
  • 1.D.11.b.  Cultural responsiveness and competence training or certification are provided.


1.D.11.a. Priority population
1.D.11.b. Cultural training

Course Syllabus

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