1.D.10. Staff qualifications

NARR Standard 3.0: 1.D.10. Ensure potential and current staff are trained or credentialed appropriate to the residence level

There are currently no mandated training models specific to recovery residence staff, so each residence operator must demonstrate a training approach that incorporates social model abilities (staff role; authority base). Protocols for ensuring verification of credentials and ongoing training and education are important for maintaining organizational integrity. — NARR Standard 3.0 Compendium

The standard is upheld by the following rules:

  • 1.D.10.a.  Policies that value individuals chosen for leadership roles who are versed and trained in the Social Model of recovery and best practices of the profession.
  • 1.D.10.b.  Policies and procedures for acceptance and verification of

    certification(s) when appropriate.

  • 1.D.10.c.  Staffing plan that demonstrates continuous development for all staff.


1.D.10.a. Social model skills
1.D.10.b. Credentials
1.D.10.c. Staff development

Course Syllabus

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