2.E.14.a. Clean and maintained


Verification that the residence is in good repair, clean, and well maintained.






Applies to all recovery residences.


The rule contains subjective terms: “good”, “clean”, and “well”. At minimum, these terms should be interpreted in a way that meets the needs of residents: Safe (hazard free), clean (prevents illness) and usable. To operationalize adherence to this rule, providers should have a process keeping the property clean (e.g. house chores), a process for identifying and addressing maintenance requests and a process for conducting periodic onsite reviews. Onsite reviews could include property self-assessment:

 Hazard Free

  • Slip: wet, waxy, or dusty floors or loose leaves or pine needles
  • Trip: Uneven walking surfaces; Clutter or obstacles; Loose flooring, carpeting, rugs, mats; Uneven transitions, tiles, brinks; Electrical cords or cables; orPoor lighting

  • Fall: Unsafe, unstable or missing decking or stairs; Damaged handrails for stairs

  • Cut: Sharp objects; Nails or screws; Un-stored rake or lawn equipment; Broken glass; Splintered wood

  • Fire: Unattended flames: candles, cigarettes, fire; Overloaded outlets: more than 2 large appliances plugged-into an outlet; Electrical cords are in disrepair; Flammable materials (paper, fabric) or liquids (lighter fluid) are stored near  ignition sources; Space heater is less than 3 ft away from walls, newspapers, clothing or other flammable material; Clothes dry lint trap clean

Clean and Usable

  • Property is free from: Foul odors such as ammonia from urine, mold, mildew, rotting food; Evidence of pests (dead or alive); Dirty, dust, grease, grim, mold… to a degree that raises to the level of a health concern.
  • Kitchen appliances are grease-free.

  • Appliances are safe and in working condition: Heating / HVAC; Hot Water heater; Kitchen appliances and ventilation; Laundry washer and dryer.


  • Are policies and procedures in place that ensure that properties are in good repair, clean, and well maintained?

  • Does the property appear to be in good repair, clean, and well maintained?


  • Policy and procedure

  • Staff / Peer leadership role description – one or more roles are responsible for ensuring that the properties are good repair, clean, and well maintained

  • Onsite review confirmation that the property is in good repair, clean, and well maintained


See the Onsite Review: Property Assessment in this document under the section entitled: What evidence is used during certification?

Course Syllabus

  • NARR 3.0 | 2.E.14.a. Clean and maintained