Recovery Capital Assessments

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Several tools have been developed to assess recovery capital; including:

  • Assessment of Recovery Capital (ARC) scale – consists of 50 statements in 10 domains: Substance Use and Sobriety; Global Psychological Health; Global Physical Health; Citizenship and Community Involvement; Social Support; Meaningful Activities; Housing and Safety; Risk-Taking; Coping and Life Functioning; and Recovery Experience./li>
  • Brief Assessment of Recovery Capital (BARC-10) – an abbreviated 10-item measure of recovery capital, which captures all of the ARC scale domains.
  • Recovery Capital Assessment Plan and Scale (ReCAPS)– A recovery capital scale intended as a self-assessment instrument to help an individual measure her or his recovery capital. The scale can be completed and discussed in interaction, and/or it can be completed by the individual and then discussed with a professional or peer helper./li>

Reflections: We invite you to reflect and journal on the following questions: