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The vision of Grace Recovery ATX is to assist addicts, alcoholics, and families into reclaiming their lives from the disease of active addiction.

Grace Recovery ATX is consistently providing education, enhanced skills, guidance, support, and paramount resources necessary to build self–sufficient, prosperous, and meaningful lives for the addicted individual and family by aiding them in creating a recovered state of mind, body, spirit, and emotional balance.

At Grace Recovery ATX, each member is responsible for her own treatment and recovery. Women will fully engage in a community of like–minded individuals seeking a new way of existence. All members involved in our programs will be respected by all individuals.

This program is designed to immerse all members in living a spiritual way of life. We encourage you to take responsibility for your life by becoming self–sufficient in all facets of your life. Grace Recovery ATX standards will promote self–growth and independence of spirit. These standards are necessary in building the arch through which you will walk free at last!

“We alcoholics are undisciplined. So we let God discipline us in the simple way…” (p. 88) We see how others before us follow direction and allow their Higher Power to discipline them daily and exemplify experience, strength, and hope, and begin to break the bondage of self.

Grace Recovery ATX has 4 houses located in South Central Austin, Texas. All locations are centrally located with easy access to Capital Metro public transportation, many employment opportunities, city colleges and state universities, major highways, grocery stores, movie theaters, fitness facilities and numerous 12 step meetings.