Quiz: Social Model

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Social determinants of health include:(Required)
Resistance describes a ecosystem’s or an individual’s:(Required)
Resilience describes an ecosystem's or an individual’s:(Required)
Recovery ecosystems can be strengthened and stabilized by:(Required)
The social-community model:(Required)
Subjective wellness and self efficacy is positively correlated an increase in Perceived Sense of Community Scale (PSCS), which evaluates:(Required)
From the list below, which is the greatest predictor of recovery from substance use:(Required)
Being an active member of multiple recovery groups, such as a recovery home and a 12 Step Fellowship, leads to:(Required)
From a social model perspective, “whole” networks are measured by:(Required)
What social network characteristic can have a positive impact someone’s recovery:(Required)
Positive social ties:(Required)
The Social Model Recovery Philosophy Scale evaluates:(Required)